The rain forests all over the world — including those of Brazil, Indonesia, India and South America — are endandegered not only because of the deforestation process, which has cut down millions of trees every year; but mainly because of the greenhouse effect. It’s worthless describing this effect, once it is known nowadays everywhere, but one fact deserves attention: the greenhouse effect is alone responsible for great part of the losing that is blowing off course the rain forests.

Scientists long ago used to attribute the losing of rain forests to their deforestation. This is no longer true. The greenhouse effect has made the temperature go up each year, leading to the disappearance of many species (both animal and vegetal) which can only survive under certain cooler conditions; it has also dried many lands, killing amphibians and plants which cannot dwell in dry and hot areas; and it has as well made mankind interfere even more in the environment, once men try to manage the environmental conditions according to their necessities (in this case, the greenhouse effect has made people react against the wild and aggressive nature in a more aggressive and stronger attitude). It is really impossible to determine when this menace to the environment — especially the rain forests — will ever stop.

Men have to become aware that the more they mess around in nature, the bigger the troubles will be. The greenhouse effect, along with many other important factors, is sweeping away the rain forests. A question should remain: where will these important ecosystems go and what will happen to the countries in which these forests develop? Waiting for the answer is for sure a bad option.


1. Por que o autor afirma que as florestas tropicais são ameaçadas pelo efeito estufa?

2. Como o efeito estufa traz problemas para os biomas existentes nas florestas tropicais?

3. Justifique a frase do autor: ".. the more they mess around in nature, the bigger the troubles will be".

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